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  • A Pinata Pick is a randomly assigned selection with a specific outcome.
  • Each Pinata Pick selection has an equal probability of being assigned.
  • The name of the assigned selection will be revealed once the Pinata is placed.
  • Pinata Picks is powered by a Random Number Generator. As it is random, the selections assigned are intended to be by chance relying on the randomness of the selection you were assigned.
  • Pinata Picks can be applied to a variety of sports. A description of which event the contest is targeting, what aspect of the event the Pinata Pick is evaluating, and the winning prize amounts are displayed next to each Pinata contest. A deeper description of the contest including possible selections can be viewed by clicking on the information “I” icon next to each Pinata contest.
  • Participation in a Pinata contest requires Pinata credits. Credits cannot be purchased. Credits can be awarded for free or earned by placing sports wagers in the sportsbook, depending on specific details of each promotion.
  • If there is an error or malfunction with the Pinata contest, either due to software or human error, the contest will be void and no winnings paid out. This includes but is not limited to players being credited more credits than intended (greater than 10 credits per contest will be considered an error), the incorrect input/output of potential outcomes, players being able to participate in the contest after the event has started, or the player being able to manipulate the Pinata contest to product specific outcomes that were not assigned randomly. Additionally, there are Standard Promotional Terms and Conditions.